Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Using YouTube Video to Grow Business - Part 5 - Think Video and Grow Rich

Here is Part Five of Using YouTube Video to Grow Business - Think Video and Grow Rich. This episode re-emphasizes the the importance and benefit of controlling and directing one's own mind to regularly and consistently produce YouTube content of value to viewing community, aligned with what you are passionate about, and aligned with doing good for people.

What can help you develop excellence more quickly is to be part of a mastermind alliance, which is what we are building using new Google+ social networking technology. There is also some great content already on YouTube that we are aggregating and taking advantage of, using YouTube's excellent Playlist architecture.

To learn more about the benefits of being a part of a master mind alliance we send the viewer to another wonderful "office visit" with Napoleon Hill where he advises and connects with you, telling his wonderful exemplary stories about successful people, all of whom formed mastermind alliances. 

I welcome your ratings, and your comments as I seek to be on target with you with respect to you being able to use YouTube video to grow your own business. Please enter your comments below. 

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