Friday, June 22, 2012

Using YouTube Video to Grow Business - Part 9 - Think Video and Grow Rich

Here is Episode 9 of Using You Tube Video to Grow Business - Think Video and Grow Rich. This episode covers part of the landscape of YouTube's Creators Playbook and focuses on Tent-pole Program and how to do it in three steps:

Step One - Plan your Tent-point marketing campaign, with "buzz" episodes sloping up to the big event and "buzz" episodes sloping down afterwards. Visualize it graphically.

Step Two - Release your scheduled episodes as planned.

Step Three - Promote using blog outreach and post information about your video social networks, with links to it, especially Google+ which allows you to even HangOut with your videos.

All of this takes some self-discipline, and to help you with that we send you to another special personal "office visit" with Napoleon Hill focusing on Self-Discipline:

The series is especially designed for small business owners, for non-profit managers, and for business manager and folks in government. Using YouTube video to grow your business, is a powerful opportunity. For more information, contact me, Art Johnson at New World Communications - 

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