Friday, June 8, 2012

Here is Episode 7 of Using YouTube Video to Grow Business - Think Video and Grow Rich.  This weekly web television series on YouTube focuses on the importance of doing the following Calls-to-Action in each program of your television series:
  • Subcribe Now Call-to-Action - If people click on this Call-to-Action annotation, it build your audience.
  • Comment Now Call-to-Action - This encourages people to comment in the Respond to this Video space below your video. Comments also improve your search ranking on Google allowing to be seen by more people and further building your audience
  • Like, Share, and Video Responds Calls-to-Action - Getting people to engage this way carries a lot of weight in Google search.
...and so does sticking to producing a whole weekly series on Using YouTube Video to Grow Business.... Just Google "Using YouTube Video to Grow Business" and see who comes up... This stuff works searching engine marketing-wise!!!

For more information about Using YouTube Video to Grow.. Your Business please contact me at 425.780.6872 and I would be happy to connect with you or visit us at New World Communications - Let's also HangOut together on Google+... we are having conversations with folks to help ourselves move forward.

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