Thursday, April 26, 2012

Using YouTube Video to Grow Business - Think Video and Grow Rich - Part 2

Using YouTube Video to Grow Business - Think Video and Grow Rich - Part 2 is part of an entire series in the works that focuses on the YouTube business growth opportunity by sharing information about amazing statistics and by discussing how powerful and how affordable the new television is and how it can be used to reach and grow audiences across multiple-generations, serving these audiences well.

Although I have a broadcast/industrial television systems and programming background working with way more expensive, way more complicated, and and way less capable television technology, I shot this piece in in HD with my Android cellphone to bring home the point of how powerful and provocative the new YouTube web television opportunity is for businesses of all sizes and kinds.

Currently most small business owners, non-profits managers, and entrepreneurial minded government managers still have not seized the YouTube web video opportunity to grow their business even as inexpensive and as doable as the new technology is. This how-to video series, Using YouTube Video to Grow Business not only addresses the technical pieces to this opportunity, but as importantly it will also cover the landscape of how to do this right, by focusing on two provocative documents provided by YouTube: Creator's Playbook and the Playbook Guide - YouTube for Good with special information for non-profits.

The landscape of YouTube-based web television is so vast, and the possibilities and the skill sets so new, that people can easily find themselves intimidated and overwhelmed if they don't know how to approach doing television in an enlightened way, aligned with the powers of thought and leveraging the science of mind. To address this challenge and provide much need emotional and spiritual support, we are enlisting the wisdom of two great thinkers and researchers - Napoleon Hill of Think and Grow Rich fame as well as Ernest Holmes and his excellent work in the Science of Mind practically applied to doing  television designed to grow wealth.

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Art Johnson
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  1. Hi Art,. I just listened to part 2.The topic material is so relevant as it was before tv.Your presentation in your car with your android phone is amazing.I look forward to the following segments...
    See you around 9:30am? I spent all day reading,"Shoot Video That Doesn't Suck".I finished "ReBoot" a couple days ago and now will get back to the meat of the matter with you.