Monday, January 16, 2012

Ira Glass's Wisdom-sharing is Worth Blogging, Tweeting, and Google +ing About

This morning I was thinking about what I and other creative small business entrepreneurs need to hear... in spite of all the hype from Internet marketing gurus who claim that they can help you get there way quicker...just by buying their latest, greatest online learning product offering, even though their own learning path to excellence took a lot longer and was a lot more painful.  

Then BINGO!, someone sends me this excellent video done by Ira Glass on YouTube that is way more honest...and way more enlightening that relates to what I have been personally experiencing myself....on the one hand, I have been given the gift of good taste... knowing what I am striving for, yet on the other hand, getting there can take a while.

Wow, am I grateful for all that I have learned thus far, and what I have been able to accomplish both for myself as well as for my growing list of customers who also share the "long view" of what it takes to succeed....and am I humbly happy to learn even together we learn and master new things...enjoying both the ride as well as the destination...working closely together...moving the business forward.

It's not what folks...looking for instant gratification want to hear...but it is the Truth... with a big T. Of course that doesn't preclude flashes of Divine Inspiration, and "special insider tips"  that can help you hit the jackpot more quickly, but struggle and plain hard work, even with all that, is STILL part of the equation... any lottery winner can tell you that. True prosperity and authentic happiness is a deeper and broader phenomenon than what the instant gratification folks understand.

I am really ecstatic about the potential power of web television as a way of driving more business. Call me if you too understand excellence when you see it, and if you too are willing to do what it takes to achieve it yourself...over time. There are a few things that we can share with each other that we have learned along the way. 206-920-8067.

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