Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Moving Forward With Your Own YouTube Profile Can Do a World of Good


Moving forward with your own YouTube profile can do a world of good. Here's how I moved forward with mine: 
  • I developed a One-page Concept Sheet to inform what I intended to communicate
  • I then developed a Storyboard Script with audio and  image columns to inform what graphic overlays to produce and use.
  • I then recorded my profile in HD on my smartphone
  • I then snagged, produced and formatted my graphic overlays using both SnagIt! and Photoshop
  • I then edited, rendered, and uploaded my profile directly to YouTube.
  • I then used YouTube's cloud-based editor add my outro to give it more sizzle.

Just give me call or e-mail me if having your own YouTube profile could also do a world of good for you. I will be happy to help you. 206-920-8067 - email -

Kindly and with best regards, 


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