Monday, April 7, 2014

My New Article - "Supportive Cloud-based IT Infrastructure and Empowerment"

The "challenge" and OPPORTUNITY that successful business owners have is during that critical period in their business growth when their existing "older-think" IT infrastructure, no longer supports them. This is usually right when newer demands for quality of service (QOS) are paramount. From everything to company e-mail services crashing, to securely managing important documents that are the life-blood of the business, to fixing and updating websites with broken links that do harm to their brands, to attracting and retaining new people and contracts, to scaling and developing the business in a more competitive,"social", mobile, video-rich collaborative world,  to serving clients well, these success business owners remain highly at risk of losing all that they have fought so long and hard for,  if they don't solve these issues in a timely and mission-critical way. 

The good news, is that today's successful business owner can address all of these "challenges" as a huge OPPORTUNITY by "Going Google."  This now means three things: 1) Migrating over to low-cost Google Apps for Business suite of applications that elegant address and solve, email, file services, office applications, and even website issues (e.g. Google Sites)  with excellent 24/7 techical support, 2) Using Google's amazing suite of no-cost social, mobile, video-based, and face-to-face collaborative resources - e.g. YouTube, Google+, and other affiordable third-party e-mail marketing and CRM applications,  to grow business in a now more "social" Internet world and and marketplace.  Equally important is 3) Enlisting the right expertise, and support, and training that successful business owners need to make the transition smoothly and cost-effectively. For more info and to receive a copy of my new articale about this, just give me call at 425.780.6872. Using Google+ to both grow scale your business is also key. For a Free Consultation, just submit a request

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Art Johnson
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  1. Great blog post Art! is so true that we're in a new age. Google is certainly the most integrated solution and for an outward facing company (and what company isn't?) than, this is the platform to migrate to. Art and New World Communications are a tremendous resource to rely on when you are committed to having your company make a transition to the future.